London’s Strategic Views

If asked what my least favourite part of the planning system is (which, strangely, doesn’t seem to be a frequent conversation starter…) I would generally say that there is not much in it between the advertising regulations and the London View Management Framework. The former, for their bureaucratic nit-picking; the latter, for their sheer complexity and apparent incomprehensibility. For London, at least, the LVMF probably matters more (and any planning policy document that concludes with pages of algebra and geometry perhaps has gone slightly wrong).

Anyway, to try to make this ever so slightly more accessible I have mapped the 13 Protected Vistas from the LVMF in the map below.

Clicking within each view will show the height of the viewing plane at that location calculated in accordance with the methodology at Appendix E of the 2012 LVMF which should take into account the curvature of the Earth.

Click here for a full screen version.

Obviously all the usual caveats apply (no warranties/guarantees/promises etc).   I have checked both the methodology and results against some real-world examples and this seems to be accurate to a few cm but I’d recommend getting anything that matters properly checked by one of the usual visualisation studios.

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